Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chocolate Enrichment was wonderful!
Everyone created amazing desserts!
After school I baked a cake...chocolate, of course!
I let it cool, cut it into bite sized pieces
then put the morsels into the chocolate tulip bowls.
Made mousse with heavy cream which
I then piped into the cups...
topped each with a fresh raspberry and mint leaf
then served them on the pink cake stand from my girls.
Chocolate doughnuts!
Sometimes we don't have time to make something amazing...
serve doughnuts on a cake stand.
Hand dipped pretzels drizzled in pink chocolate!
How I wish I had taken photos of the offerings!
There was a chocolate fountain, frozen hot chocolate,
super rich cheesecake, hand dipped strawberries,
cookies, bars, cake balls, chocolate milk,
dishes and bowls of chocolates; all sorts,
and many others!
Good friends doing what ladies do best--
eating chocolate and chatting!
More ladies nibbling chocolate and visiting.
I had made each participant a goodie bag to take home
to enjoy and share with their family
for letting them come enjoy a fun night!
I admire and adore each person who was here.
Each has such gifts and talents to share
as well as many who have struggled and some whom are still coping with trials.
I hope we all celebrated, uplifted and comforted each other
and felt loved.
What an honor it was to open our home to all who came.
Then my dear Mr R arrived home to help me
wash each plate, dry and tuck them away until next time.
I believe it was a way good "Chocolate" Enrichment Night
due to all the lovely ladies!


Martha said...

Yummy. Everything looks beautiful and tasty. I love your Eastr egg heading.

Emily said...

I knew everything would a hit! You are amazing!

3girlsmom said...

i think that we are going to have to do a chocolate enrichment night! yummy!

thepyles7 said...

Everything looks good.