Friday, October 31, 2008

Happppppy Halloweeeeen

                        Have a way good Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween Eve

"Trick or Treat!" are the words we will hear in a few hours as goblins, witches, scarecrows and princesses run across lawns with glee, trying to gather as many treats as possible to fill their bags to overflowing sweetness in the alloted two hours.  In our neighborhood, we all sit in our driveways and pass out goodies.  Ooooooh, I love Halloween.  It is a way good day!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sweet lullaby

On Saturday, in Mesa, Arizona, there was a fund raiser concert to benefit Stephanie and Christian Nielsen, who survived a plane crash and for the family of teacher/pilot Doug Kinneard, who died from his injuries.  Nienie's two young daughters, Claire and Jane, joined Mindy in singing "Golden Slumbers" a lullaby their mom sang to them.  For pure love and sweetness, enjoy their performance.  Be sure to notice the hand holding; if we hold on tight, tight, tight, we will make it through all experiences in life.  It will fill your heart for a way good day!

Monday, October 27, 2008


It didn't last long but we did see our first snowflakes for a few minutes this morning!  That makes for a way good day!

We're home, just not answering

Until National Election Day, Tuesday, November 4, we have disabled our voice message on our answering machine.  As we are citizens in a battleground state, we receive waaaay too many pre-recorded messages, daily.  I do not want to participate in this type of politics so I have removed myself from it.  We may be home, but unless we recognize your phone number on Caller ID, we will not be answering our telephone.  Please try back in eight days.  Until then, may you have a way good day!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I need you, Mr Russert

Ten more days until we, as a country, vote for our next president, THE President of THE United States.  I love our country.  I am so grateful to be an American.  I tear up with gratitude for this land of freedom and opportunity.  Yet, I do not know how to cast my vote.  I am not thrilled, frankly, not even happy, with either of our choices.  I do not necessarily vote a straight party ticket.  I truly seek to find the candidate that best fits with my ideals, my way of thinking. Who will next best run this country, from sea to shining sea?  I miss Tim Russert, Mr. "Meet the Press."  I need Mr. Tim Russert.  He was the closest man to my Dad that I knew, although just through TV. They both were honest, sincere, down to earth, didn't tell you what they thought; rather, they shared their perceptions and asked questions to help you form your own, good decisions.  Both were so enthusiastic about life! How would they vote?  What questions would they ask themselves and, in Mr. Russert's case, the candidates, to arrive at their choice?  I need their wisdom and insight to help me form a responsible decision so when I cast my vote, my voice is heard. Just like yours.  Even if we disagree (if you have made up your mind, that is.)  Good luck to us all in the next ten days.  May they be way good decision making days!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Carpe diem

The most frequent translation for Carpe diem comes from the Latin poem Odes written by Horace, a Roman lyric and poet. Although my interpretation is slightly different then his, "Seize the day, put no trust in the morrow."  I view it as, opportunities abound.  It is up to us to see and be intune, aware of them; and then, have the courage to act upon them, to be expedient in doing so.  Trust yourself and the future, completely.  Invest in it, in others and yourself.  Make a positive difference.  On this day, I shout, "Seize the day!"  In doing so, we shall have a way good day.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"The Skelton Dance"

I found this "You Tube" video on Courtney's website.            Featuring Disney's A Silly Symphony "The Skelton Dance."      It's a scream...view for a way good Halloween fright! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halloween is around the cupcake

Halloween cupcakes are a must!  Check out these darlings, on a plaque, at Jennysbakeshop. They will help make it a way good Halloween decorating day!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Birthday, Emily

Happy New Orleans Birthday, Emily!  You are at the Saints vs Minnesota Vikings game in the Super Dome as I write, a gift from your sistah, Jessica.  Also, her gift of brunch at the Ritz! Celebrate!  Tomorrow you will open your other gifts.  Enjoy!  May you know the pure joy and love you have brought to our lives since the day you were born, the first grandchild on both sides of the family.  You have always shown us the pure joys in the world.  A gift, indeed.  Love, love, love.  May you enjoy a way good birthday day!  

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Homecoming Game!

The first half of the football game all the King and Queen candidates and their families were in the President's Suite in the Super Dome! Before half time the court went into the belly of the ' the Saints dressing room! What better place from which to enter the field?
We, the families, were still in the Presidents Suite. It is a bit of a distance to see the field; thus, there are wall to wall tv's mounted above the seats so you can see the action up close and personal. Here we see Taylor and Jessica on the closed circuit television...up close and personal!
This is a photo I took from the suite. There is our daughter, Jessica, and her paired King candidate, Taylor on the 50 yard line as they are introduced to the crowd. Amazing!
King and Queen candidates, Taylor and Jessica, on the JumboTron, in the Super Dome.
Pure joy as their names are announced as King Taylor Moss and Queen Jessica Roberts!
Thrilled as they make their way to be crowned!
(Our view of the newly crowned royalty on the closed circuit television.)
Was it ever a way good day!

Homecoming Tailgating

Jessica and Aaron tailgating outside the Super Dome!  This is the South, y'all!  They have camp stoves and cook red beans and rice, gumbo and all kinds of other Southern food.  And do they dress up to attend the games.  It appears, to me, to be one of two ways: suit and tie or Green Wave wear.  The Queen candidates corsages were so gorgeous.  They were made with what they call the homecoming mum; huge and beautiful! 
The Tulane Homecoming Court outside the Super Dome.  All the girls are still wearing flip flops; again, this is the warm South!  It was a way good tailgating afternoon!

Homecoming Morning

The Homecoming Court was transported bright and
early to the Super Dome for half time practice.  They were amazed how dark, cold and quiet it was.  It was a reflective time back to all the suffering that had taken place here during
 Hurricane Katrina.  
Soon, in a few hours,

there would be lights, teams, bands and a cheering crowd, but for the moment, it was an honor to stand on the field and remember.
Also to remember celebrating the reopening of the Super Dome in 2006 with the Saints football game and when Jessica was one of the lucky ones directly on the astro turf, six feet from Bono, when U2 was performing, along with Green Day for the pre-show.
But this morning, the homecoming court had practice...where to walk, 
what order they would be introduced
 and how to exit the field.  And one must always find time to have fun!  They were in the Super Dome, on the 50 yard line!!!  

Girls vs guys, "Hike!"

It was a way good morning to homecoming day!

Tulane Homecoming Parade

The Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally were Friday evening.  Jessica and her paired king candidate, Taylor, are pictured in the PT Cruiser.  They were driven all around the quad of the gorgeous Tulane University campus,  
all the while throwing out
 homecoming beads; what else would one 

expect in new Orleans?
The homecoming court then joined the President of Tulane University,
Scott Cowen; the football team; and, cheer leaders for the pep rally.  They had drawings for amazing prizes and led the crowd in the Helleva Hullabaloo cheer.  Our whole family, my mom, sister, husband, daughter and I had so much fun watching Jessica and Taylor and all the candidates.  Being on a university campus is so invigorating.  Meeting Jessica's friends, sorority sisters,   

fraternity friends and roommates was a fun glimpse into her colligeiate life.  
They all seem to be very nice, sincere and focused, which is good.  The pep rally ended with the brillance and bang of fireworks over the quad.  It was a way good day!  


Tulane Homecoming Week 2007

One year ago, Jessica, our youngest daughter, a senior attending her beloved Tulane University, called and told us she was on Homecoming
Court! In college, this is quite a process. During the two week process, we decided we would all go to New Orleans for Homecoming/Parents Weekend. My husband and I had joined the festivities Jessica's freshman year, pre-Katrina. We decided as it was J's Senior Year, we would go and support her, her friends, the university and the city. It didn't matter if she made the final cut, we wanted to go support them all. My
bestest sistah, Martha from San Fransisco, as well as my mother from Nevada decided to fly down south too. Emily, our older daughter, in Manhattan, immediately also decided to join the fun! What a thrill Jessica was
even considered as a candidate for the court. J explained that she was part of the first round of candidates. At this point all candidates were notified they had been nominated and if they desired to accept their nomination and continue, they must submit three written essays to be posted for professors. With professor endorsement, the field was narrowed to forty candidates; 20 guys for King and 20 ladies for Queen. The third round consisted of "The Interview" before a panel of peers, alumni, etc. after which there were 20 candidates; 10 guys, 10 ladies. For Round 4, the student body voted for their top five girls and top five guys to compromise their homecoming court with the top vote getter to be crowned King and Queen one week later. What a whirl wind of a week it was! There was an event every evening, all week long. The first photo features the final King and Queen candidates for Tulane Homecoming Court 2007. This was Sunday, the evening they were introduced to the student body. The next photo shows the guys at a reception at the President's home, a gorgeous home on Saint Charles Avenue.

I don't have a photo of the girls. Another evening was the Hullabalooza, where they are pictured on stage. The last photo is the court pictured on the brand, spanking new, not yet opened baseball stadium prior to an athletic alumni event. It was, indeed, an amazing, way good week!