Saturday, October 4, 2008

Homecoming Morning

The Homecoming Court was transported bright and
early to the Super Dome for half time practice.  They were amazed how dark, cold and quiet it was.  It was a reflective time back to all the suffering that had taken place here during
 Hurricane Katrina.  
Soon, in a few hours,

there would be lights, teams, bands and a cheering crowd, but for the moment, it was an honor to stand on the field and remember.
Also to remember celebrating the reopening of the Super Dome in 2006 with the Saints football game and when Jessica was one of the lucky ones directly on the astro turf, six feet from Bono, when U2 was performing, along with Green Day for the pre-show.
But this morning, the homecoming court had practice...where to walk, 
what order they would be introduced
 and how to exit the field.  And one must always find time to have fun!  They were in the Super Dome, on the 50 yard line!!!  

Girls vs guys, "Hike!"

It was a way good morning to homecoming day!

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