Saturday, May 29, 2010

the Arlington ladies

I think this is amazing.
I, too, want to be an Arlington Lady.
What an honor to honor our fallen heroes.
Their mission: to ensure no solider is buried alone.
The full article is here:

Friday, May 28, 2010

bumper sticker

When I went to the doctor this morning,
yes, I am still running a 100.6 fever-ugh-
and was walking in for my appointment,
a lady had this bumper sticker on her vehicle.
I inquired where she had purchased it.
Not that I would have the energy to actually get out of the
car a second time on the way home and purchase one,
But Mr R could on his way home from work.
She replied that she had had them made on Thursday.
I was thrilled!
I want to be sensitive here, but many times I feel people
{including me} don't "get it" if "it" is not in their
region or neighborhood.
That she had taken the initiative and
had them made was a boost for my spirit.
She offered me one and I was lucky a have a few bills
in my wallet to offer her.
She said, "Here, take these and help me share them."
I am not happy with BP.
Is anybody?
But I also don't want to punish my local gas station,
so it is a fine line, isn't it?
And who knows what else BP makes that I consume.
*I want anybody in the Gulf region who reads my blog
to know we are aware and we do care!*
Anyone want a bumper sticker?

Bill explains...

I saw this CNN John King interview with Bill Nye, the Science Guy.
Bill, Bill, Bill explains a complicated process,
BP's {naughty word=BP} 'top kill' effort in a simple manner--
thank you Bill.
He also addresses some very important points, so, in his language,
"Please consider the following."

Can we even wrap our brains around this?

I am so, so sorry.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

front porch gift

Thank you for all the e-mails and texts inquiring of my progress.
{I did not post for that reason but it sure is nice; thank you.}
I am on the road to recovery but so many attacks on the
body at once is whew, wham bam.
I have always tried to set the example to our girls
to offer specific offers of help rather than the generic,
"Let me know if I can do anything for you."
Gosh, has it been returned ten fold.
Our daughters, my mom and sistah have been wonderful
in their love and support from afar.
Yesterday, these are three texts I received from a darling friend:
"Does a little chicken soup from Panera sound good?"
"Or maybe some fruit...something cold?"
Then came, "Or anything...a fruit smoothie?"
I thanked her so much but replied that
her texts and kindness' were the best treats.
Well....when we stepped out last night to go for yet another sonogram,
I found this container of Gerber Daisies on our porch from her
--what a cheerful, happy gift!
May we all be blessed with caring, kind people
in our lives and may we reach out and extend ourselves likewise.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

gifts of nature

I am sick.
I have been sick since last Monday; eight (8!) days ago.
No one wants to hear each others bad germs stories
but I will tell you that last Monday
I moved all the elementary students out of the room
in record time before the eruption began
--that is not the visual education a child
needs to gain nor keep in their minds eye.
[I was on the opposite side of the room and no way was there
time for me to get across the room and to the ladies room.]
In all this time alone, as I haven't been able to
read or look at a computer or television screen,
I have had plenty of time to reflect and I am sure grateful for a body.
Being under the weather, fighting a fever for all these days,
sure helps one appreciate their good health.
Cheers to good health.
I have also thought of those disabled or ill with serious diseases
and how much more challenging life is for them
and their caretakers.
Bless all of you and may I be even more patient
in my teaching and in life and more willing to serve you
and walk in your shoes and beside you.
I am grateful for the sweet birds around our home;
their chirping and their songs of communication.
Do birds sing out of joy, just as we may hum or whistle?
I adore our backyard bunnies and the rabbit nest/clutch.
I am grateful for an awesome husband who brings
{and eats with me!} Popsicles.
Even if he took half a day off go golfing!
shhhh; do not tell him I told you that.
Life is good, life is great,
especially when filled with love!
Then it is waaay good.

Friday, May 14, 2010

a third graders public service message

I adore this painting I saw hanging in the hallway by a third grader.
This group made public service messages in art class.
I truly believe her message,
"Treat others the way you want to be treated."
Notice, too, the latest accessory...ducks!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the tip of the iceberg

something significantly larger;
colossal even.
{photo one, flickr giladr; photo two, google}

Friday, May 7, 2010

looking into the eyes of a potential storm

This was on the news last evening, forecasting for today.
"Oh bother," Pooh would say.
Currently this is what is headed our way--until 11 pm,
all that bright orange {not good}.
You can see our states outline if you squint your eyeballs.
[sorry these are so blurry or did you think you need glasses?]
We are now under a severe warning...
and a tornado watch.
Come on and admit it...
a snow storm is much more predictable than this!
Plus, when its snowing,
one can lounge in front of the fire, cuddle, roast marshmallows
and watch the falling snow
rather than huddle in the basement during a tornado
all the while sirens are blaring and the wind and rain
are thrashing around.
And in the former scenario,
Pooh could enjoyably eat honey from his honey jar
and Tigger could be flouncy fun, fun, fun
cuz he's the only one,"Grrrrr."

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the fields are ready

Outside school today, on the way home,
I saw Farmer Brown out in his fields.
{If you look carefully he is on the ground
trying to fix his piece of farm machinery;
a never ending task for farmers.}
Our new school is in the background, to the left--it is huge!
But only a tiny portion shows in this photo.
Out my window, to the left, on the main {country} road to the school,
{I had pulled onto the side rode so as to not hold up any traffic
taking the photo of Farmer Brown--because there is so much traffic
as you can see-lol} another piece of equipment is being
hauled from one field to another a few miles down the road.
A new planting season is upon us!
{if you enjoy fields like we enjoy fields, please notice the curve
at the end corner of the field--love it!}

Monday, May 3, 2010

Tis Mr. R's birthday week!
{flickr photo by molly_mualla}