Friday, May 28, 2010

bumper sticker

When I went to the doctor this morning,
yes, I am still running a 100.6 fever-ugh-
and was walking in for my appointment,
a lady had this bumper sticker on her vehicle.
I inquired where she had purchased it.
Not that I would have the energy to actually get out of the
car a second time on the way home and purchase one,
But Mr R could on his way home from work.
She replied that she had had them made on Thursday.
I was thrilled!
I want to be sensitive here, but many times I feel people
{including me} don't "get it" if "it" is not in their
region or neighborhood.
That she had taken the initiative and
had them made was a boost for my spirit.
She offered me one and I was lucky a have a few bills
in my wallet to offer her.
She said, "Here, take these and help me share them."
I am not happy with BP.
Is anybody?
But I also don't want to punish my local gas station,
so it is a fine line, isn't it?
And who knows what else BP makes that I consume.
*I want anybody in the Gulf region who reads my blog
to know we are aware and we do care!*
Anyone want a bumper sticker?

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