Friday, May 7, 2010

looking into the eyes of a potential storm

This was on the news last evening, forecasting for today.
"Oh bother," Pooh would say.
Currently this is what is headed our way--until 11 pm,
all that bright orange {not good}.
You can see our states outline if you squint your eyeballs.
[sorry these are so blurry or did you think you need glasses?]
We are now under a severe warning...
and a tornado watch.
Come on and admit it...
a snow storm is much more predictable than this!
Plus, when its snowing,
one can lounge in front of the fire, cuddle, roast marshmallows
and watch the falling snow
rather than huddle in the basement during a tornado
all the while sirens are blaring and the wind and rain
are thrashing around.
And in the former scenario,
Pooh could enjoyably eat honey from his honey jar
and Tigger could be flouncy fun, fun, fun
cuz he's the only one,"Grrrrr."


Steve said...

It did blow and blow and the temps are very cool. But, the sun is shining and it's a calm Sunday, Mother's Day morning. Loverly.

Mari said...

Happy Birthday to YOU!
A combined day of celebrating.