Tuesday, May 25, 2010

gifts of nature

I am sick.
I have been sick since last Monday; eight (8!) days ago.
No one wants to hear each others bad germs stories
but I will tell you that last Monday
I moved all the elementary students out of the room
in record time before the eruption began
--that is not the visual education a child
needs to gain nor keep in their minds eye.
[I was on the opposite side of the room and no way was there
time for me to get across the room and to the ladies room.]
In all this time alone, as I haven't been able to
read or look at a computer or television screen,
I have had plenty of time to reflect and I am sure grateful for a body.
Being under the weather, fighting a fever for all these days,
sure helps one appreciate their good health.
Cheers to good health.
I have also thought of those disabled or ill with serious diseases
and how much more challenging life is for them
and their caretakers.
Bless all of you and may I be even more patient
in my teaching and in life and more willing to serve you
and walk in your shoes and beside you.
I am grateful for the sweet birds around our home;
their chirping and their songs of communication.
Do birds sing out of joy, just as we may hum or whistle?
I adore our backyard bunnies and the rabbit nest/clutch.
I am grateful for an awesome husband who brings
{and eats with me!} Popsicles.
Even if he took half a day off work...to go golfing!
shhhh; do not tell him I told you that.
Life is good, life is great,
especially when filled with love!
Then it is waaay good.


Ashlie Grow said...

8 days... man! hope you feel better soon!

Steve said...

super funny and I didn't even notice that you told everyone I took a half day to go golfing (while you were sick). Here's to getting WAY better.