Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the fields are ready

Outside school today, on the way home,
I saw Farmer Brown out in his fields.
{If you look carefully he is on the ground
trying to fix his piece of farm machinery;
a never ending task for farmers.}
Our new school is in the background, to the left--it is huge!
But only a tiny portion shows in this photo.
Out my window, to the left, on the main {country} road to the school,
{I had pulled onto the side rode so as to not hold up any traffic
taking the photo of Farmer Brown--because there is so much traffic
as you can see-lol} another piece of equipment is being
hauled from one field to another a few miles down the road.
A new planting season is upon us!
{if you enjoy fields like we enjoy fields, please notice the curve
at the end corner of the field--love it!}

1 comment:

Steve said...

I shoulda been a farmer.