Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tulane Homecoming Parade

The Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally were Friday evening.  Jessica and her paired king candidate, Taylor, are pictured in the PT Cruiser.  They were driven all around the quad of the gorgeous Tulane University campus,  
all the while throwing out
 homecoming beads; what else would one 

expect in new Orleans?
The homecoming court then joined the President of Tulane University,
Scott Cowen; the football team; and, cheer leaders for the pep rally.  They had drawings for amazing prizes and led the crowd in the Helleva Hullabaloo cheer.  Our whole family, my mom, sister, husband, daughter and I had so much fun watching Jessica and Taylor and all the candidates.  Being on a university campus is so invigorating.  Meeting Jessica's friends, sorority sisters,   

fraternity friends and roommates was a fun glimpse into her colligeiate life.  
They all seem to be very nice, sincere and focused, which is good.  The pep rally ended with the brillance and bang of fireworks over the quad.  It was a way good day!  


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