Saturday, October 25, 2008

I need you, Mr Russert

Ten more days until we, as a country, vote for our next president, THE President of THE United States.  I love our country.  I am so grateful to be an American.  I tear up with gratitude for this land of freedom and opportunity.  Yet, I do not know how to cast my vote.  I am not thrilled, frankly, not even happy, with either of our choices.  I do not necessarily vote a straight party ticket.  I truly seek to find the candidate that best fits with my ideals, my way of thinking. Who will next best run this country, from sea to shining sea?  I miss Tim Russert, Mr. "Meet the Press."  I need Mr. Tim Russert.  He was the closest man to my Dad that I knew, although just through TV. They both were honest, sincere, down to earth, didn't tell you what they thought; rather, they shared their perceptions and asked questions to help you form your own, good decisions.  Both were so enthusiastic about life! How would they vote?  What questions would they ask themselves and, in Mr. Russert's case, the candidates, to arrive at their choice?  I need their wisdom and insight to help me form a responsible decision so when I cast my vote, my voice is heard. Just like yours.  Even if we disagree (if you have made up your mind, that is.)  Good luck to us all in the next ten days.  May they be way good decision making days!

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