Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh what fun it is opening gifts!
The time, thought and energy
by each person is what swells my heart;
those gifts are really the present.
But what are the contents inside
the beautifully shipped gifts, you ask?
From my girlies,
a decorating kit from Williams & Sonoma
{a twin to their new set they think is the best.}
for embellishments to cakes, sugar cookies and cupcakes.
From my sistah I received a book on CD'S
which she vows I will treasure as dear as Jane Austin~
I am definitely looking forward to being read to!
She also went somewhere {perhaps her library}
to have access to all the characters
and then typed this placard
so I will be able to keep track of who's who.
And from Mr R,
inside this card,
after an amazing dinner of Indian food,
was the gift of a weekend retreat for fly fishing lessons!
{Actually there were three choices...
I choose option three.}
I futilely searched for photos of females fly fishing
until I came across this photo of Princess Diana.
Thrilled I was, as I simply adored her.
So, real women DO fly fish.
This morning,
I erupted in giggles as I spotted this message
a student had written after I had posted today's date
on the chalk board;
he must think I party hardy--not!
Enjoy a wide variety of gifts for
the spice of life
for way good days!


Emily said...

I absolutely love the post-birthday note from the student. So funny! I hope you enjoy the pastry kit! (And all your gifts, they all are so fun!)

thepyles7 said...

Happy birthday!!!! It looks like you had a wonderful day.