Monday, April 6, 2009

As it is spring I am trying to widen my horizons,
open my blinders a little wider.
One specific area is food.
On Saturday I blurted, "Let's try salmon."
Mr R looked at me through blinking eyes
as if he was seeing a mirage.
Seafood is not of my taste bud liking.
He went to the fish counter and requested their freshest salmon.
I like to envision it was caught in the best of circumstances
by a handsome fellow such as this chap.
It was certainly purchased and
delivered home in its paper wrapper
by such a gentleman!
I was a little squirmy as I prepared it for baking.
Then I declared it was really not much different
than wrapping all the pink gifts I wrap.
Mr R was roaring with laughter and declared,
"This is worth the price of admission."
Ours looked quite like the plate pictured.
Thank goodness for the fresh vegetables and
delish mashed potatoes Mr R prepared.
It actually was pretty good!
We may prepare this a variety of ways for
way good summer eating days!
Perhaps wider perspectives are on the horizon.
{photo three by flickr cathy.bluteau; photo four by flickr

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Emily said...

I am so proud of you! When cooked properly and with delicious seasoning and side dishes, I think most foods are quite yummy. Great job! And I agree, our Dad is the cutest, handsomest fishmonger and cooker ever. LLL.