Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Today is my birthday!
I love celebrating birthdays.
I am so grateful to my parents for having me--
they simply are the best!
Love to my Mr R whom had these beauties delivered
to school for not only me but all to enjoy.I am thrilled to be a mother and delight in the
birthday "huzzah's" and very kind poem from our daughters,
E and J.
It was a fun day at school as students
left messages and drawings on the board and desk.
It was also fun to be the recipient of
phone calls, texts, and surprises
from so many family and friends--
I am so grateful for the w-i-d-e circle
of love and friendship I embrace and learn from~
thank you.

As I blow out the candles
this evening on my birthday cake
I not only want my dreams to come true but everyone else's
so nothing could make me happier than sharing this video of
Susan Boyle, who fulfilled her wish to sing before a large audience.
Did she ever...and received a standing ovation after wowing the
audience as well as the judges (even Simon!) after singing
"I Dream a Dream" from Les Miserables on the show
Britian's Got Talent.
I cried for joy in her behalf.
She believed in herself.
Even when others were cynical,
as was so honestly stated by the female judge,
Ms. Susan Boyle believed in herself.
So on this, my birthday, my wish for everyone,
is to follow our dreams and
fulfill the measure of our creation
for a way good life!
{photo one by TianaMia}


Emily said...

I hope you had a wonderful day! I love you! (And the clip made me cry too - I love when people have dreams and work to make them come true!) LLL

Steve said...

Happy Birthday - you are a literary soul with so much talent and creativity. I think you are marvelous. I just saw the video of Ms Boyle and was so thrilled for her to do so well and be so good in reaching for her dream. It's a lesson to all of us.