Saturday, April 11, 2009

Handsome Mr R at the doors of
Saint Joseph Cathedral
on Good Friday.
It was a reverent time to contemplate the
stories told in the stained glass windows.
{We were an hour and a half early.}
The candles were lit before the service began.
Each candle was gradually extinguished throughout the
"Tenebrae" as the choir sang, all in Latin,
of Jesus' impending death by Crucifixion,
until the cathedral was cast into total darkness
as the one remaining candle was removed.
We, the congregation, then provided the strepitus,
by loudly making a sustained noise by
pounding on the pews with our hands or books
until the last candle was returned.
The return of the single light symbolizes
His Triumph and Resurrection.
Happy Easter!
{photo five by flickr Irayholly}


Emily said...

My dad is so cute! (And so is my mama!)

thepyles7 said...

Happy Easter!

Steve said...

In retrospect, while just a bit long, I like the concept of the Tenebrae. I liked the music (a bit of variety would have been its saving grace) and the ending was just right. It was fun to go with you to something different and experience something new.