Friday, April 3, 2009

What a wonderful time we had when my mother came to visit!
She knew there was a job jar awaiting.
Nothing with just her name on it...I would never do that to her.
Besides, I never let her out of my sight!
I had cleaned and scrubbed before her arrival,
as we all do when our mamas come for a visit,
but I needed her special touch
on a few things..
to achieve that "H" sparkle!
One of the days we counted plates and forks and glasses,
then went to the movie in the evening
where I promptly fell asleep.
I learned that my mom runs circles around me!
Her stamina is astounding.
After the movie (and a nice nap), we went to
Johnny Rockets for malts and milkshakes.
So fun to put nickels in the juke box and
hear my mom reminiscence
about doing the same activity as a teenager!
On her departure eve, we went to the Blue Jackets game.
Did we ever have fun!
There were fights galore,
too many for my liking and I relish ice hockey fighting.
A Blue Jacket player accused of abusing an official
received a three game suspension.
Notice the gloves, sticks and helmets on the ice.
The Blue Jackets were more than up to the task
of overwhelming the Calgary Flames as they
won 5 - 0.
[Free Wendy's chili!]
I drove my mother to the airport in the fog
and was in a bit of one myself for a few days after her departure.
How I love and appreciate her.
We had a way good day each day she was here!
Thank you for coming to visit us, Mom!

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Emily said...

Such a great post!!! I love the photos with Grandma, she is so beautiful and so are you! I love you!