Friday, April 10, 2009

Mr R and I will be attending a Good Friday church service and choral event with the theme concerning the triumph of light, Tenebrae (Latin for darkness) this evening downtown at St. Joseph's Cathedral.
Candles are extinguished during the 80-minute service as the choir sings and chants Renaissance-period works. Toward the end, the last candle will be removed and the congregation asked to provide the strepitus (a loud noise, imitating the earthquake mentioned in the Bible after the Crucifixion) until the light is returned.
The single candle symbolizes the Resurrection and constant presence of Christ.
Tenebrae is a tradition that dates from the fifth century!
If you are interested, it begins at 8 pm with a $10 suggested donation. (212 E Broad St).
The article clearly states the church service and choral event is for Catholics and non-Catholics alike.
I thoroughly enjoy learning of others and their beliefs; I believe it shrinks the world and increases our humanity.
All information from The Columbus Dispatch, Thursday, April 9, 2009 article by Gary Budzak.
Enjoy a way good day!
{flickr photo by Matt Cline}

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