Monday, June 29, 2009

We arrived home from the swamp tour about midnight Friday night. Saturday morning our alarms were ringing at 5:30 to awaken us to go on a safari in the heart of Cajun country. When the temperature is in the triple digits, with near the same percent humidity, one more willingly unfolds oneself from the comforts of ones pillows and dreams to beat the heat.
We purchased a bucket of feed to share with some of the
3,000 endangered animals from around the world.
It is fun to be on the first wagon train of the day as the
animals are very eager to fill their tummies!
We were given four souvenir cups from which to feed the animals.
We were clearly told the animals will try to grab the cups--
hang on tightly.
Now whose cup would that be...?
The nice man next to us gently wrestled it from the animal so
J could still have fun feeding the animals.
"Good morning!"
Such a sweet camel!
I love the hopeful, stretching up
of the deer trying to be
to be tall, tall, tall enough
to be included in treat time.
Long horned cattle.
They have mighty large horns,
mighty long tongues
and might hearty appetites.
Earl had the animals lined up,
practically eating from the palm of his hand.
These babies were my favorite.
A few would leave the group of babes their mamas
had placed them, in the shade of a tree,
and would cry, calling for their mamas.
So sweet!
Elegant giraffes.
Beautiful girls!

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