Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This evening found us at the
New Orleans Trinity Episcopal Church for
"Organ & Labyrinth".
During the hour-long event,
the 5,000 pipe organ,
on the left is played by Albinas Prizgintas,
their Director of Music Ministries,
with music ranging from classical baroque to Yankee Doodle Dandy. The organist's wife, who organized the walk after Katrina,
kindly said, "This is your hour.
View the stained glass windows,
walk the labyrinth in the sanctuary or
simply sit and enjoy the music.
Again, this is your hour."
When I completed my walk
I thoroughly enjoyed contemplating the scriptural experiences from
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
portrayed in the stained glass windows.
It was a way good meditative hour!


Pompeii Purple said...

It was so cool! Thanks for having us go, it was definitely an amazing experience. Love the photo at the end ;)

Mari said...

So relaxing! I also love the photo YOU took of the stained glass window!