Tuesday, June 16, 2009

As it is Tuesday, it is Uptown Farmers Market Day!
Jessica discovered this a few years ago
and both she and Emily
thoroughly enjoy shopping from the locals.
I was lucky to be delegated as the shopper today,
list and cash-ola in hand.
{I actually get to shop for four Tuesdays!}
They explained which stand to be at first,
Miss Taylor, the egg lady
{and please have the farmer hold the items until the bell rings}
and where to get what.
Check out the prices on the fresh shrimp!
The shrimper
just pulls a handful of them out of the cooler
for shoppers to inspect before weighing them.
{They sure have long antennas.}Another southern delicacy--
okra.Ah, strawberries.
As the weather is now so hot,
for this year, today is the last market for these red gems.
Also, no lettuce or scallions until the fall--
too hot.
{After questioning a farmer I learned
they call or here
scallions are shallots.
Thank goodness for a kind lady
who shared she had the opposite experience
of mine today when she evacuated for Katrina
and went to the store asking for shallots and was told
they are scallions.
I will look it up and get back to you
for the next farmers market--
maybe they are used interchangeably?}
Upon my return home,
I had fresh milk from Farmer Smith on my oatmeal
garnished with strawberries.
Yum~t'was a way good breakfast!

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Steve said...

I feel like I was there shopping with you. You took some nice pictures. I'll bet your breakfast was especially sweet.