Friday, June 19, 2009

For Mr R who is a fantastic
to our daughters, Emily and Jessica--
celebrate with these brownie burger cupcakes and, as
YOU make the best sugar cookies in the world,
enjoy these cookie french fries!
What fun we have as a family
 serving, singing, cooking, laughing...
Dad + Daughters = LOVE
Happy Father's Day, Mr R!
{photo and step by step directions at Bakerella}


3girlsmom said...

hey! i saw those too! they looked like fun, but alas i am too lazy to do them myself! i think we'll just make brownies and slap some ice cream on top!

Steve said...

The cupcakes are really cool. You are so sweet AND I love you!!

thepyles7 said...

Those are so cute. I need to find out how to make those. The kids would love them.