Friday, June 26, 2009

As the sun was setting in the horizon,
Emily, Jessica, Earl and I were on a
sunset swamp tour.
So many components make up this hidden wilderness world
but we were mostly interested in one...
It is amazing to be in an area accessible only by water
to discover these reptiles in their natural environment.
Insert "Jaws" music...
as Jessica was taking a few alligator photos,
notice the 'gator coming straight towards her
in the photo above.
The driver, perched high on his drivers seat of the air boat,
calmly but firmly told J to put the camera down as the
reptile thought it was food.
The driver then shone a large spotlight on the 'gators eyes and
explained this is what we would soon be seeking..
red eyes in the dark.
Before the suns rays had totally set, he showed us this...
Any guesses?
An alligators nest!
He asked if any of us wanted to get out for a look.
I like "safe" adventure;
getting out of an air boat with a mama alligator
lurking somewhere close to her nest is waaaay
beyond my safety zone.
One daughter hopped right off the boat onto the bank to peek inside.
Notice the layers and layers of approximately fifty eggs,
none touching,
as the mama has carefully distributed dried marsh material
between each individual egg and layer.
American lotus plants,
not to be confused with water lilies,
as lotuses do not have a "cut";
rather, they have very large, circular, umbrella shaped leaves.
Acres of lotus plants.
Then we were travelling at speeds between 50-70 mph,
in total darkness,
traversing marsh lands,
looking for red eyed reptiles.
Our guide caught a two year old baby 'gator and
Jessica stood on the bow of the boat displaying it.
He explained each tooth is razor sharp and
the alligator will turn mid air and try to snap you
as you throw it back into the marsh.
You can bet your bottom dollar her skills throwing the
discus came in handy.
And then we were back at the dock.
Two sistahs in the air boat.
The whole swamp gang.
It was a way good time!

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thepyles7 said...

Wow that sounds like a really cool thing to be able to do. Looks like you had a great time.