Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fourth of July Market Week!
Stars & Stripes blue ribbon pie
baked by the sweetest pie baker.
If I lived in New Orleans,
I would annually bless the lives of my nearest and dearest,
and whomever might need a boost,
by purchasing these multi berry beauties
and delivering them with love and a patriotic smile!Ohhh...love the beans,
all of them.
Unique, but so good.
Quail eggs...I don't eat them but think they are beautiful.yum.
Isabelle's homemade tamales--a weekly purchase;
each of the four varieties is sooo good.
Maybe I have delivered these to you?
A little friend and her Mom that I see every week at market.
I also bumped into them on one of my excursions
down to the French Quarter.
{Notice her alligator pull toy.}
Making sure her mama is buying a few of those
fresh Alabama peaches.
{Coincidentally, the woman on the right 
was purchasing peaches last week in the photo, too!}
Amanda, the juice lady.
She is soooo nice and makes
such interesting juices and Popsicles from
fresh fruit.
I had purchased the strawberry or raspberry fruit bars
I deliver to my favorites,
when Amanda sliced pineapple bar tasters.
Wow--I might have purchased one for myself,
could even be the one you see in the photo;
I will deliver fresh pineapple bars next week for all!

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