Thursday, June 25, 2009

Upon arriving home after picking up both girls from
my afternoon wanderings,
we discovered a
box perched upon a chair
on their front porch...
and they declared it was for
I knew I was not awaiting a delivery
nor had I forgotten anything from home.
It was a love package from Mr. R!
I felt like I was at camp receiving a care package
from home filled with fun things to do-
so very, very thoughtful, Mr R.
Thank you!
Love, love, love.

Kiss, kiss, kiss.

While one daughter was out,
Jessica, Taylor, Earl and I,
for about the price of admission to a movie,
ventured to play B-i-n-g-o.
For each round, each player has 15 cards!
{yes, those are all my cards from one,
two hour session of Bingo!}
They call the numbers fast--
I discovered bingo takes a lot of concentration.
Each round seems to have different
rules and requirements.
One needs to know which round is currently playing
before confidently shouting, "BINGO!"
It was very quiet (shhhh) in the non-smoking room in which we were ensconced.
Once in a while one of the four of us would comment
which was usually responded to by laughing;
it was not embraced well by our bingo neighbors
focusing at the surrounding tables.
A few times, our group was the recipient
of the "eagle eye"--
I did not realize we must be
on our reverent behavior.
After the two hour session was up
I also realized my brain is
on summer vacation all right!
These are the bedazzled daubers J and I used to
mark our cards--
note to self:
great potential Christmas stocking stuffer.
What a way good day!

1 comment:

Emily said...

I think a thoughtful little love package is just the sweetest! Just like the yummy contents inside. :)