Thursday, May 28, 2009

We had come full circle
as we ended our day where it began,
in Jackson Square.
We were tucked in tightly at a table at
 the famous Cafe Du Monde,
where our daughters hosted all of us
to thank us for loving and supporting them.
Cafe du Monde is famous for its beignets
but we also thoroughly enjoy their hot chocolate
and something new we learned--
they also serve fresh squeezed (squoozen?) orange juice.
At the back of the building,
one can peer through the windows to
observe how beignets are made.
We were bowled over by this massive mixer!
And it looks positively ancient.
{I took all these photos through glass so
there is a reflection...
and powered sugar on the window.}
I was even more struck by the brand of cups in the boxes
balancing on the mixer--
the best in the industry!
The worker flattens the dough
as it begins its ascent to the machine.
{I liken it to a pasta machine, only much larger.
Well, larger than our Atlas pasta maker.}
The dough is cut into rectangles.
{I thought it looked like a ravioli attachment.}
And with a flick of his wrist
the worker flips the dough into the fryer.
They are served to your table;
fried pillows of dough,
seemingly as tall as the Himalayas
and white as snow peaked Mt Everest,
but really smothered in powered sugar.
{Knowing locals, like our girls,
wear light colored clothing
so one isn't displaying all the
powered sugar on your top and lap.}
Our lovlies!
As a benediction at the end of our trip,
Mr R and I acknowledge all whom
have taught, supported and embraced
both our daughters;
we appreciate and sincerely thank you.
We have an amazing village.
To those who love them,
we give our deepest gratitude.
Love, love, love until we meet again!

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history145 said...

Sounds like you enjoyed your outing!

Vaden Chandler
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