Friday, May 29, 2009

A few Friday's ago, upon returning home from teaching school, I stood on my tippy toes to discover a bird had built her nest in the wreath on our front door. We love nests!
{You may remember a nest was the deciding factor in our choice of a Christmas tree.}
If you look carefully,
you can see the mama in the bottom, right hand side of the wreath.
Two days later, Sunday afternoon after church, Mr R and I quickly peeked in the nest and beheld eggs!
Her beautiful speckled eggs.See how she built her nest obliquely? I try to be observant, question and learn. I must say I was surprised; I would think she would want her nest flat. I wonder...why this angle?
Did you also notice she has rotated her eggs. Fascinating!
Mr. R and I started using the back door from this point on. We must do our part to help Mother Nature! Even on rainy days, we would peel our shoes and socks off and walk through the wet grass to the back door.
Then we left for New Orleans for a week.
Daily, I would think of the eggs and wonder if they had hatched.
That was everyone's question when they knew we had arrived back home.
As it was dark upon our arrival, we did not disturb the mama. {Mothers need their rest!}
Didn't check the nest before leaving for school the following morning at 6:45 am.
All day.
I came home from school, once again standing on my tippy toes, to discover this:

Precious, precious baby birds.
So sweet!
And hungry.
Tweet, tweet!


Ronna said...

Oh how sweet! I found you Mari, because Emily is my facebook friend, and saw your comments on her blog. So here I am, just hatched like a baby bird.

And it's really cute, but my word verification to post this is "hapyra" - how happy am I that I found your blog just now? :)

Mari said...

I am not on Facebook so how do I catch up with you and your family?!!
I hope everyone is super!
So glad you found my "nest"!