Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sunday morning seven of us attended church
in Jackson Square,
part of the French Quarter,
at St. Louis Cathedral
which is the longest, continuously running
cathedral in the United States.
As we arrived an hour early we strolled through
Jackson Square
and took photos.
My mother and I were struck by this building: the Cabildo. It is the only building we both specifically mentioned aloud. I snapped this photo while Jessica was parking the car; thank you J. Emily then pointed out the shape of the ironworks--including the crown.
Lovely and poignant.
Ironwork on the gates around the square.
The church bell beckoned us back to the sanctuary.
It was a beautiful service; including the artwork and music.
There was a confirmation class of seven children being confirmed
so it was especially sweet.
We left the cathedral to find it downpouring.
Thanks to the men who went and got the car!

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