Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The girls hosted us at their
new apartment for the afternoon and evening.
They live behind this beautiful fleur-de-lis gate!
How fun to open the front door to discover
treasures have been delivered to their
spanking new mailbox.
{I will try to to better about that!}
We all got to play the day with this little one!
While a few napped, most of us
joined the 'lil nugget
at the dog park on the levy
and then tromped through the
woods to watch
belly flop, swim and retrieve sticks
in the Mississippi River.
What a swimmer!
What a shaker of wet doggy water
spraying all of us--
new definition of a southern sprinkler:
Miss Tulip!
She needed a rinse off after that excursion as
she wasn't able to leave her muddy paws
at the front door.
Then it was time to pitch in and make
our girls' apartment a home by hanging artwork;
baking mini cupcakes from scratch;and then decorating them with homemade frosting.
Yes, please!
We all placed bets on the Preakness,
as it was the third Saturday of April,
as we enjoyed noshing upon
pink salad
and other various and delicious snack-itos.
We hooped and hollered and celebrated when
the filly,
Rachel Alexandra,
And after a few rounds of games,
we feasted upon a most delicious dinner
of all Greek food the girls had prepared.
It indeed was a waaaay good day!

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