Monday, May 11, 2009

I usually don't write of personal spiritual experiences in this forum. However, this evening, I had a prayer answered. Literally. I have been struggling with something for a few weeks. I have been too scared to ask in prayer...because on this I was weak; I lacked faith to have the courage to follow whatever the answer might be that was given me. I awoke this morning dreaming of it. Searching. {I usually never remember a dream and that this was about this specific problem was humbling; telling me the time had come to turn to the Lord.}
After dinner, rather than go work out, my dear Mr. R said, "Mari, we need to pray."
I looked at him through my big, brown, doubt ridden eyes and in response, he kindly, but boldly began praying.
I kept prodding Mr R to go go workout. I would be fine.
"No, no. We will continue on."
After an hour, Mr R said, "We need to pray again."
He knelt down and again was the mouthpiece.
I didn't have a warm answer, not a burning, but I did have a thought. A very quick fleeting thought. Rather than dismiss or let it go, I grabbed ahold of it. One thought led to another, in astonishingly quick succession, and within maybe, at the most, two minutes, I had my answer.
Crystal. Clear.
My husband was amazed at the rapidness of the answer and its clarity.
While I was standing in awe, he dropped to his knees with a prayer of deep, sincere gratitude.
I am still absorbing the answer and experience.
Indeed, it is a waaaaay good day!
And I am now going to go have a plate of pasta with parmigiano-reggiano. I am exhausted.
Yes, Mr R is working out.
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