Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Then it was off for a bite of lunch.
As we parked the car
Miss Yvonne herself invited us into her amazing shop...
"Yvonne La Fleur's internationally renowned custom millinery created her vast Private Collection of veiling's and turn-of-the-century flowers from France, silk ribbons from Switzerland, antique feathers from Germany, and other elegant touches from around the world."
Tempting, so tempting, but not today.
Alas, we crossed the street to our destination.
A wonderful cafe for all the senses between
the artwork created by suk ja kang engles
and the fresh, colorful, light food.
For the graduate,
a sandwich filled with tomatoes and veggies--

Yes, this is our child who has always embraced
fresh veggies and fruit.
When she would go to her friends houses to play
the mamas would love J to eat with their children!
{Except for the mother who liked to
serve only hot dogs to visiting friends.
J happily put only condiments on her bun.}

The owner of Refuel chats with each table group,
as all wonderful eateries do,
and when he spotted Jessica
amongst our group,
what compliments he paid to us, her family,
for raising her the way we did.
{How kind, but we can only lead so far,
it is the child who chooses
their pathway.}
It was delightful though for family to hear such nice remarks.
It was a way good refueling lunch!

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