Monday, March 2, 2009

The lions are roaring!
The papa,
the mama,
and the baby cub.
Even the clouds are roaring in March!
Thanks to the
MGM lion
for sharing his bellow.
Are they ever roaring; is cold!
Stay bundled in a sassy scarf
for a way good Monday!
(Finding roaring lions that don't look like they are yawning
and have clean teeth is no easy feat!)
{photo one by flickr howardpennphoto; photo two by flickr johnpatrick78;
photo three by flickr Pawprints Photography; photo four by flickr Anitka_Eva}


Steve said...

I love the frosty breath and the roars by the family. Rahrrrr!

Emily said...

I have always loved the MGM lion roar. RHOARRRR!