Thursday, March 5, 2009

I like four distinct seasons.
(which upon the sun shall soon set)
(in sight!)
(around the bend)
and Fall
(seemingly far, far away).
I appreciate and enjoy them all!
Each time of year, governed by annual equinoxes,
I enjoy pondering
what is happening in the earth, literally;
on and around the globe
and in our hearts.
Creating, sorting and storing memories of the
past and present while
eagerly anticipating and
looking towards the future--
each season.
May we embrace
and relish
each and every day

of each and every season
for a way good life!
{photo one by flickr Mark Yezbick; photo two by flickr Montana Becky;
photo three by flickr; photo four by flickr ahp_ibanez}


Steve said...

"Seasons" greetings. I like 'em all too.

Emily said...

Such gorgeous photos!!