Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bamboo shoots.
Did you ever rhythmically hit them on the ground
while others stepped/danced through the poles?
I loved playing this game I learned in
elementary gym class.
Today, a new purpose was discovered for these sturdy shoots.
I heard Mr. R calling my name from the garage,
to please come retrieve the spring wreaths
I had kindly asked him to lift off the
wreath storage peg board.
At the door,
I was met with the circular decorations
suspended at the end of the bamboo shoot
my husband had extended to reach the wreaths
and then stretched across the vehicle
to deliver the pair directly to me.
Thanks honey for your way good help!
{flickr photo by colorfulexpressions}

1 comment:

Steve said...

My fifteen foot arm extensions worked perfectly. Not sure if I can get the wreaths back the same way (but I'm going to give it a try).