Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Are you a Cadbury Mini Egg-aholic?
If so, you can readily identify these
pastel, solid milk chocolate gems with an
crisp sugar shell coating.
Nothing else in the world like them,
except for their European complements.
The British counterparts taste slightly different and are more 
I personally think the UK eggs are prettier, but would never turn up my nose at either, as they are only on the market once a year.
(That is a mixed blessing for those of us in the club.)
I hope you have a large dish of them awaiting you in your home...
maybe a few bowls scattered throughout so they greet you at every turn.
If you are really lucky, the bowl will look just like the one pictured, a twin to the four latte bowls I received as a gift from our oldest daughter from Anthropologie in New York; the shop that houses the kitty cat.
Always have a mini bag of the "Mini's,"
packaged in their telltale purple wrap,

so you can share the confectionery treasure with
others for a way good day!
{photo one by flickr fuzuoko; photo two by flickr feltboots;
photo three by flickr *Cinnamon; photo four by flickr My Jewel Thief}

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