Monday, December 1, 2008

Town Square shopping

Emily spent the morning with her Dad in the book store having a study session.  J and I went poking in the shops around the town square.  Oh, southern shopping is delightful!  In one dressing room our phones rang and it was Frances who wanted to join us. What fun!
Then Perry caught up to us.  Oh, we showed him how to shop.  Find your man a comfortable chair, plop a magazine in his lap, have the Ole Miss vs Mississippi State football game on the television, surrounded by retail gems, and they will state as he did, "That was actually kinda fun."  Yea, for Frances! 
If you want to be tres

shop through the green door numbered 303.

After a most delicious lunch at our girls favorite pizzeria in Oxford, we headed back to our parked cars.

We then drove to the gas station where the Papa topped off the girls tank with fuel.
Notice who is driving!
What a wonderful time had by all.  We are so very grateful we, as well as our girls, persevered through the traffic to participate in the reunion.  So very, very glad Seka and Ricky also were there.  What a thrill to be reunited after much too many years of not being in touch.  And always, joyful to be with all others present.  
If you need New Year's Eve plans, check out Wiley and his band in Oxford Mississippi for a way good time!

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