Friday, December 12, 2008

door decorating

At one of our middle schools a "Door Decorating Contest" is held annually in December.  I was subbing for Mr R, no, not my Mr. R., although he would have been an excellent educator and coach; rather a different Mr. R.  Mr. R.  knew I would love helping his students decorate the door.  He had left all the supplies for us: paper, scissors, markers, tape, lights, etc.
After attendance, I quickly inquired what we were going to do and how we were going to do it. Specifically.  And whom was going to do what.  They would look at me and I would say, " It's your door, you decide."  And they did and we got to work.  
They covered the door in white so we had a clean canvas on which to work.
                        Drawing and cutting out the palm tree.
                        Cutting out the fish, in multiples.
A student brought in a plate of cookies.  I really thought he wanted to put these cookies under the tree, on the wall.  You never ask those types of questions directly because it is harder to work around it.  I suggested he pass the cookies and share them with his classmates as there were just enough and then we could make paper cookies and put them on one of his plates. 
Isn't it awesome?!  As I had some of our surfing photos on my iPhone, I shared with a group of students how you make the "shakra" sign while surfing.  Notice Santa surfing on his "Rudolph" surf board sleigh giving a holiday shakra wave.  They all wrote their names on a fish and added them to the sea.  I did suggest, as we didn't have glitter, that they use the foil from the cookie coverings and tuck it behind the waves for some glistening water.
Ya gotta have "Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun" shining down upon the scene.
The bottom of the tree with the paper cookies; don't they look like his delicious shortbread cookies filled with jam?  I made the glass of milk...out of an overhead transparency.  I took a Sharpie and drew the cylinder shape of the glass then put a white piece of paper behind it.  Aren't the packages and bows all made from paper darling?  Every one's ideas were included..isn't that what it's all about?  The class did all of it except for the glass of milk.  I believe they earned an A+ for the day.  Always work together to make a way good door! 
This is my very good friend Mrs. R's door.  She teaches Social Studies; perfect theme!

Back to the gingerbread theme, this is on the Guidance office door.  Oh, Mrs D. and crew, you did an excellent job!  The chimney is spewing chocolate chip cookies.  
Please follow the advice on the door and "Have a Sweet Holiday!"

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