Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas tree hunting

We usually go to the tree farm Thanksgiving weekend.  We didn't last year as we went to Hawaii and didn't need a tree.  This year, we went down south for Thanksgiving so we weren't home to go Christmas tree hunting.  The weekend following Thanksgiving was the church Christmas party.  That left us with the weekend of Dec 13 or 20; at that point we decided to wait for most everyone travelling here for the holiday to go to the farm together.  I called our favorite tree farm, where we have gone for years and arranged a private time on Tuesday December 23 since the farm officially closed to the public the previous weekend.  
What an experience J and I had walking through and discovering what a big enterprise this farm is--much more than growing trees!  
It was cold.  We had decided if the temperature rose above 20 degrees we would go; it was a balmy 23 degrees and windy.  Brrrrr
Here is my mom.  Isn't she the greatest?  I love her with every cell of my being.  I am so glad and fortunate she is my mother.
J and Lucy, our honored New Orleanian guest, contemplating the merits of this conifer.
My sister, up the hill, pointing to her possible tree.  J is keeping Lucy with her as we said Lucy could decide.  Haha.  You think we would give such decision making power to a canine?  Maybe.
Ahhhh. Miss Lou stayed with Jessica.  Maybe this would be the chosen one.  But we all thought it not tall or full enough.  Let's keep looking.  
It was c-o-l-d so my sistah was going to take matters into her own hands and cut down this little tree.  
"NOOOOOO!" we all called.

We settled upon this one as it bears a gift of its own...a bird nest.  We love bird nests!
Sorry Lucy, you cannot go in the lodge. 
Miss Lou went stick hunting.  How she had fun having full run of the farm as we were the only ones there.
"Mmmmm...this one tastes pretty good!"
It's a keeper all right.  We let her bring it home!

All the while, the rest of the clan was wrestling and securing the tree upon J's vehicle for the ninety minute ride home.
Literally, the moment we hopped in the SUV, including Lucy and her stick, the skies reached their dew point and freezing rain began to pelt the earth.  We still needed to stop for our annual cup of cocoa for the ride home.
It hit the spot for a way good tree picking day!

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Emily said...

So sad I missed these festivities but the tree is beautiful!