Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Our school district food service makes wonderful soups from scratch.  My all time favorite? Cream of Potato.  I have long said anything made with cream and potatoes is always going to be delicious.  And this is.  I am not alone in my culinary tastes.  The school nurse, I am told, brings her very own bowl from home twice a month to ladle a double serving of this deliciousness.  (I realize that on a school Styrofoam lunch tray, it may not look good but trust me, it is divine.)
That afternon I had a very unusual visitor to the classroom; the nurse.  I asked if she needed to see someone.  She said, "No, I brought this for you."

The actual recipe.  Wasn't that thoughtful!  I believe someone has penciled in a smaller kettle recipe.  One of these snowy evenings we shall be serving homemade, in our kitchen, cream of potato soup for a way good dinner!

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thepyles7 said...

I love potato soup! maybe you could pass the recipe along to me please!