Monday, December 15, 2008


"What are you giving?" "As service or to the community or to the greater good of the world?"
That is what I ask of students when they ask me, "Know what I want?"
It is also what I ask myself. I have an answer but cannot share that portion of Christmas until the day or it would not be a secret anymore.
As I do know what I (we) am (are) giving outside our home, I will share what I would love to have. Maybe you will want one too; thus, I am sharing so you can ask Santa Baby for one, if it is your hearts desire, as far as earthly possessions go.
Ready? Maybe you want some clues.
It will bring mug upon mug of earthly enjoyment.
It was designed after the contraption that sat upon the stove in our villa on the Lido in Venice each summer; the "thing" we had no idea what its use was or how to use it. (The new one is much more refined as to the non-electric, rudimentary apparatus we had). If it was wintertime I am sure we would have been more motivated for a hot drink. Either way, we were always fascinated with it.
Have you guessed yet?
It is a Bialetti hot chocolate pot "that produces incredibly rich, frothy hot chocolate crowned with creamy foam. Just fill the clear upper chamber with milk and shaved chocolate or cocoa, then watch as the mixture is heated, blended and frothed to perfection."
If the Williams Sonoma Santa can find one in his workshop or bag and leave it under our tree, you are invited to join us as we play games and drink "the most extraordinary hot chocolate you've ever tasted" for a way good day!

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