Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Last evening, at the end of a historical night, and wow, what a night it was, I so appreciated and teared up at Tom Brokav's tribute to his MSNBC buddy, the late Tim Russert.  Tom held up the mug that Tim had given to Tom, from Tim's father, Big Russ, who is still living, and said that he, Tom, was following up on a promise he had made at Tim's funeral in June, that he would raise a glass to his friend, Tim, on this momumental election night.  Mr. Brokaw did raise the mug to both Timmy and Big Russ and toasted them with Big Russ' favorite saying, "What a country." 
Hope for our future, supporting the president elect, whether he was our choice, or not, is what we can each do to make every day in our beautiful country a way good one!  Cheers!

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