Saturday, November 8, 2008

Count down to "Top Chef"

Top Chef in New York!  Season 5 premieres this Wednesday, November 12, 10 pm EST.  I cannot wait; 16 challenges!  What is a chef?  In Tom Colicchio (Top Chef judge) words, a chef is a boss; leadership.  How intriguing. I had thought of a chef as one scouting out the most fresh, ingredients, using them in new, unique (and old) ways; creating recipes and menus; and, preparing food with stunning presentation.  I had not thought of a top chef in context of running the whole kitchen and all that it entails.  Watch this video for the almost upon us season's contestants catch phrases.  I really like Daniel's "Wack-a!" and Patrick's enthusiastic, "I'm going to be cooking with the flames on high!" And,  I love Lauren's, "Everything we learned in college we are now putting into action in the real world, so it's CIA- College In Action."  I hope they have a blast chopping and dicing in Manhattan before they hear Padma's, "Pack your knives and go."  Every Wednesday will be a way good TV watching day!


KipKGolfmeister said...

I love the 5 golden fish (almost like 5 golden rings).

thepyles7 said...

I just wanted to send you a thanks for all the prayers for our sweet little boy. They mean more then you know.