Sunday, November 23, 2008


Sunday Stress.  Have you ever had it?  I had a two hour leadership meeting before church.  Then three hours of church, including one in which my dear hubbie and I taught Sunday School-Family Relations; then after church, I had an hour long Activities Committee meeting to finalize the details for our ward Christmas party in two weeks.  When I arrived home, seven hours after I left this morning, a High Councilor came to our home and set my husband apart for his new stake calling.  Then Mr. R went home teaching.  During his appointment I returned a call to a member of the Primary Presidency regarding the Primary's part of the party, the Nativity.  How I l-o-v-e when the children participate in the Nativity!  Thank you, Primary, for organizing this most important segment of the upcoming activity.  Now I am about to fall into bed.  Whew.  Who's overwhelmed?  It still was a way good day!

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