Wednesday, February 2, 2011

we need to reach out

Mr R and I spent the better part of the morning and afternoon calling and checking on many friends and church folks. We are very, very grateful for our heat and safety and more than willing to fling open our doors as wide as they can open to welcome anyone who needs warmth, shelter, a shower, place to eat, sleep and recharge their cell phones as well as their hearts. A place to gather, play games, watch movies or read. A place of warmth and shelter. I really wanted to put the heater in the bathroom and soak for a few hours with a book but that is not what a good shepherd does. We truly love our fellowman and know if our girls were still young and hungry and cold we would hope and pray someone would reach out to us and help as we don't have any relatives in this state. May we each have courage to reach out to all; co-workers, friends and even people we don't know well...or always embrace. It can be uncomfortable but it is so worth bringing relief! Isn't that our purpose, really? To help each other? It then is a way good color and all.

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