Wednesday, February 2, 2011

day to night

This is how much ice we received before the sun set
on the first day of February.
Quite a bit--a quarter to a half inch of ice
encapsulated each twig and branch.
It was pitch black out as we went to bed around 11 pm.
We peeked out the window and were astonished
to see icicles 4-5 inches long frozen to each branch.
{My dear Mr R kindly shone our super strong flashlight
onto the frozen daggers for me to try to get a photo.
Mind you, I had the window open and was
hanging out as the ice was pelting us--thanks love.
I know its not a good, even fair, photo
but it gives you an idea of the severity.}
We quickly turned on the news for an update.
Our weatherman explained they had thought
our temps were going to increase a few degrees after midnight
turning the ice to rain and melting some of the ice.
Unfortunately, he said, it was not to be
and was going to be worse than previously forecast.
He said to be prepared for all the trees to come down due to the weight of the ice
and they would be pulling the power lines down with them.
This storm is so wide spread it could be a few days
before the power would be restored.
Not good!
Currently, pink is not my favorite color.

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