Thursday, February 3, 2011


Forgive me my fine feathered friends
whom I adore and appreciate.
I arrived home from school to find your water had frozen.
First thing I did was replace the water
then set out some food.
Mr R is picking up more seed as we speak.
It is critical the small animals have a fresh water
source when the world is frozen.
Please consider tending to your neighborhood creatures--
such a simple service when they bring such joy to our lives.

Notice the little bird tracks--darling!

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g-ma-vicki said...

I have a seven-year-old and last spring a mama dove chose my upstairs balcony right beside the
opening of the glass sliding door. 2 eggs appeared and my daughter read everything she could find out about doves and the miracle of nature brought the babies and their eventual flight from the nest. We never touched the nest but my daughter was able to carefully open the sliding door and 6 inches from mama she sang songs and read picture books throughout the 4 weeks. Mama must hav eliked it for the very next day after the babies' flight, our mama showed the nest o another mama who began recycling the nest bu bringing tiny twigs and eroded little leavs for the lining of her nest! 4 more weeks about the same
and once again after the flight of babies set 2, a third mama dove shared in the beauty of life. The mating season was over but the lessns learned were enumerable to count. Bless you for your offering of water. Owen's grandma