Tuesday, March 23, 2010

planning for who knows what, but doing!

We now have a three month supply of:
oatmeal, black beans, rice, dried onions,
carrots, powdered milk {yuck, hope we never need it},
potato flakes, refried beans, flour, sugar, tang-like drink
and...apple slices--yum!
One never knows when one might need these;
I have always thought if the truckers in this country go
on strike we would be Sorry Out of Luck
and Sorry Out of Food.
Who knows why we are counseled to have a supply of food?
I have never earnestly acted upon the counsel;
a little food storage here and there but not a solid,
all around food storage for our family for an extended period of time.
I really couldn't tell you why--lazy? not going to happen to us?
I don't know.
Last week I received a group email to our congregation from one of
our food storage specialists that said, in part:"We are so blessed to have Prophets and inspired Church leaders that have been urging us for over 60 years, to be prepared, to set aside a year's supply of food and to have water. So many struggle to heed this wise council, and so they are encouraging us in an all out effort to do all in our power, without going into debt, to secure a 3 month supply of foods we regularly eat, and some water, in case of natural or other personal disasters.
Consider a trip to the storehouse, to acquire rice, or oats,or refried beans at a very inexpensive price..and incorporate them into your diet. If not that, try buying one extra can of food and put it in a box that you will eventually fill with a month's supply of food that you eat all the time. How exciting it will be as you see your preparations grow, and your peace of mind along with it!"
Something about this just clicked in me!
I had already signed up to volunteer to work at
"The Bishop's Storehouse" yesterday
so I took some money and purchased the cans pictured above
which were left from our congregations cannery assignment this past Saturday.
I am soooooooo happy to have this food storage!
I am now on the band wagon and will share with you as we round out our storage--
**I too want you to be prepared!!!
As I was readying to push the
cart of cans to my car, a group of suited businessmen
were having a tour of the facility.
I asked the man in charge if anyone is allowed
to use the cannery.
He said, "Absolutely! We want all to be prepared!"
I think he said community members can spend up to $1,000
a year and do need to be with a church member.
I spent not even two tenths of that amount yesterday.
**If any of you who read this would like to plan a time
to figure out a food storage plan for yourself and family
I would be thrilled to help you and then schedule
a time to go to our local cannery where we will actually can the items into cans.
As Lori wrote in her e-mail, "We will have a peace of mind!"


Steve said...

Beautiful sight to see (and a really good thing too). Well done, darling wife.

Mari said...

My Mom wrote, "Just read your blog - good for you!"

Mari said...

I wrote Lori, the food storage specialist an e-mail, thanking her for sending the original e-mail last week, encouraging us all to get our food storage in place.
She replied, "You touch my heart. I am so very pleased for you that you got all that stuff! WAY TO BE!"