Thursday, March 4, 2010

marathon weekend

We barely made our flight to New Orleans.
We had had a winter storm here last Friday
and the one interchange that kept being announced on the radio
as being totally iced over
with cars in the ditches and blocked by tow trucks hauling them out
was ours. What usually is a thirty minute drive took us 2 1/2 hours.
Thank goodness Mr R knows the back roads
and we had allowed ourselves what we thought was ample time.
As it was, we had to park in ultra short term lot, $2.00 an hour,
in addition to the regular fee. Well worth the price at that point!
We parked next to the building, ran into the airport
and were able to go to the front of the security line
(oh, how nice to travel with an elite status partner)
then walked directly onto the plane and
breathed a very grateful sigh of relief.
The photo above is one of which I am thrilled.
The plane next to us was being de-iced.
{I think that is such a cool chemical process.}
Outside, it was pitch black.
I put my camera in "manual"mode,
adjusted for aperture and F-stops, clicked and viola!
You can actually see the mist from the de-icer hose--
this is not edited; I am learning how to use my camera
and that makes me happy.
Doesn't this look like going through a car wash?
This is when our plane was being de-iced.
That must be a tough job, plane de-icer;
it is freezing outdoors, well below 32 degrees,
and to hold a high pressure hose spraying full force
through a hand held nozzle...
thank you plane de-icers the world over
for your laborious work for our safety.
When we landed in the Louis Armstrong airport,
all the terminals not in use had this photo on the monitor--
so cool!
On Saturday, while our runners were checking in at the
Convention Center, another daughter was studying
and I went shopping on Magazine Street.
Clothes for the "Wee Dat's"
and for the adult "Who Dats" were everywhere--
so awesome!
Spring has definitely sprung in the Crescent City!
What a transition from the two feet of snow in our backyard
to the pink and white flowers in bloom upon the trees--
winter to spring, indeed!
And the blue sky--wowzers.
"Who Dat's" house?
Drew Dat's home!
Any guesses on this one?
It is the new "Real World" house.
And behind this fleur-de-lis fence all decorated for Mardi Gras
and left for marathon enjoyment?
Of course, our favorite place of all...
where our girls and their puppy live!

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Steve said...

The pics sure remind me of the trek we had getting to NOLA. Super glad we made it.