Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Three and a half weeks after running the New Orleans marathon
and reigning as this years King,
My dear Mr R had surgery last week to remove a bone spur
and shave off part of the bone of his right toe.
I had no idea he had even been in pain!
It was a long weekend but he is doing much better now.
During his surgery, while he was under general anesthesia,
I was taste tasting the varieties of hot chocolate.
Tip # 1
For delicious, creamy, hot chocolate add
two creamers.
{Of course I was thinking of my Mister the entire time.}Tip # 2
This was the nurses experience all the way...
for children or one just out of surgery,
put the straw through the pull tab;
it doesn't swirl around.
Happy healing, my love.
I know you'll be out running and golfing before the
birds hatch their offspring!
{image one google photo}

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