Thursday, October 15, 2009

We are thinking of pulling the plug
on our land line.
Does anyone use theirs anymore?
Do you?
Do we?
The answer to question #3: not really.
It seems a waste of $40.00 a month, $480.00 annually,
for something we rarely use.
Except, except, except... I love our old red phone.
It was my Dad's.
My Dad loved everyone.
{I know, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree--
maybe that is why the telephino is red.}
I learned compassion as my father would call
the widows and the shut-ins;
to visit with them, to let them know someone was thinking of them,
to inquire of their needs.
I learned about the stock market as he
called his broker a zillion times a day
{barely exaggerated}.
I learned a magical combination of digits from this
red phone's number and even had a
sweet, sweet child born on the same month/day
at the exact time, too, as the last four numbers originally
on the phone.
Pull the plug...
yes or no?
{photo 3 by flickr mattybusiness}


Steve said...

a quandary if there ever was one.

Pompeii Purple said...

That sweet, sweet child loves the red phone! {But never ever calls you on it :) }

thepyles7 said...

I would have to go with pull the plug, I am sure that Joun would say not too,lol You can keep the phone in the same place,you just don't pay the 40 a month to not talk on it. :)

Steve said...

I love the phone, the red phone. And, how did you get the text onto the middle circle of the phone?