Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A poem to the one I love,
who does these very acts of kindnesses and giving completely
and so much more...so much more.
May I reciprocate, even a portion, is the prayer of my heart.

"Our Union"
by Hafiz

"Our union is like this:
You feel cold,
so I reach for a blanket to cover our shivering feet.

A hunger comes into your body,
so I run to my garden and start digging potatoes.
You asked for a few words of comfort and guidance,
and I quickly kneel by your side
offering you a whole book as a gift.

You ache with loneliness one night so much you weep,
and I say here is a rope, tie it around me,
I will be your companion for life.

{flickr photo by carl derrick}


Steve said...

you are so supportive and loving. I love the poem and it sounds just like us.

Mari said...

My love, the poem sounds completely like YOU!