Monday, October 5, 2009

This post is for my girls
whom dwell in the South {and love it}
but whose hearts yearn for a season of fall--
crops of soybeans, cornfields and harvest.
I took my camera and went to see what I would see.
I came around the curve of this country road
by our new high school, about 10 miles from our home,
to see two barns and a silo peeking over the crop of corn.
I stopped at the edge of the field to glimpse the red barn,
then continued to the other side and
beheld the vines sharing their splendor of fall beauty
like a peacock strutting his feathers.
Drove a bit further down the road,
turned the corner
to discover this farmer harvesting his crops-
the first I have seen this year!
Happy fall, girls.
Love, love, love,


Pompeii Purple said...

So, so pretty and lovely. I do miss the country, the way the air smells as you drive between two fields. I know exactly where the barns you photographed are...thanks for sharing a little bit of home! Love you!

thepyles7 said...

It did my heart good to see the wonderful fall picture's too!

Steve said...

Do you teach in the country, or something? Great fields of corn and soy bean and wonderful colors and composition. I need some corn on the cob.

Mari said...

I had a fun time taking these photos and am happy they brought a little fall into your hearts.